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UC500 Auto Attendant/Voicemail

In real-world terms, how do you change the AA greeting to a custom greeting (such as dial 0 for Bob, 2 for Susie, etc.). Is there a way other than recording a new .wav file, and if not, what is a recomendation for a microphone and sound recording software that are the correct format?

Second question: Is there to set up the functionality for a caller that gets dumped in voicemail to press "0" (or some other key) to get back to the auto attendant.

3rd Question: How do you set up a voicemail box for a user that does not have a phone- i.e.- we need a general VM box and a personal box for a user.

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Re: UC500 Auto Attendant/Voicemail

1 - having a menu for people or dept.s requires a custom CUE AA script - at that point you can find that B-ACD/AA is easier for that (search to see what is B-ACD/AA).

2 - in CUE there is "VM operator" parameter that you can configure for that, check GUI for AA.

3 - setup a regular mailbox and associate it to an extension numbered as you better like. It is not said that it has to be a general delivery MB, that depends on the specific of the purpose, pro and cons are discussed in the "CUE SRND" document.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: UC500 Auto Attendant/Voicemail

Since this is a UC500 system, I have been using Cisco Conf Assistant to configure, which does not have these options. Is there a way to use another configuration tool to configure these options.


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