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UC520 call waiting

how do you set-up call waiting on a UC520 with 7975G phones.  The line type I have set to dual and the most phones are shared extentions between two phones.  Right now when a second call comes in on a SIP DID it goes straight to the PMB.  How to you set-up call waiting.  Everythign I have read says it should be enabled by default ,  yet,  for me,,  not so much!

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Re: UC520 call waiting

Please enter configuration mode before.

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Re: UC520 call waiting

ephone-dn ...

no huntstop channel

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Re: UC520 call waiting

what is ...   the ip address of the phone?   Is there a command to apply this to all phones? 

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Re: UC520 call waiting

Do "show run" and you will see and understand what ephone-dn is.

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Re: UC520 call waiting

I think I know,  it is the extention numbers and DID and username password assigned to a device.   Currently it is set to huntstop channel  and you are telling me to mak it no-huntstop channel.  The issue is that I still don;t get the syntax. 

I did:  ephone-dn 14 and I get the reponce  "bad IP or hostname"

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Re: UC520 call waiting

Please enter configuration mode before.

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Re: UC520 call waiting


For those of you who stuumble across this thred with very little Cisco experence wondering why call waiting does not work.   well one possibility is when you activate a shared line in CCA it turns the call waiting off!

Step 1

open a command prompt,  go to your start bar and in the run filed type cmd and hit enter.  It is also located under start>all programs>accessories

step 2

type:    telnet  assuming you are connected to the UC520

if telnet does not work it may be disabled in Windows vista and Windows 7 as it was for me

go to

step 3

login to the UC520  the default is cisco/cisco unless you changed it in CCA

step 4

type: show run

this will pull up a very long list.  Look for ephone-dn entrys.  These are the telephone number routing/peramters for your phones.   Look for the ephone number  example 10,11,14  ect   that is assigned to the phones call waiting is not working on.   You can identify by username and password or MAC address  write down the ephone numbers you need.

get back the UC520# symbol by pressing more all the way through the show run command you did.

step 5

type: config t

step 6

type: ephone-dn 14  

assuming 14 is the affected phone, or else enter your ephone number you wrote down.

step 7
type: no huntstop channel

step 8

type: exit

step 9

type: exit

step 10:

type exit

step 11:

close the comand prompt

step 12:

pay it forward and answer one thred on this forum with an easy step-by-step direction for other "non-CCIE's" to be able to help them with some other issue.

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