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UC520 config assistance & questions

Hello there,

Three different things I need assistance with.

1. Client has a PRI with the main number including area code of (not real) 0133232500. I've followed instructions to route call to receptionist extension (405) but when calling 0133232500 from external I get an internal dial tone which allows me to dial an extension but not what I want. I've attached the output of debug voice ccapi inout. Where have I gone wrong, why won't the call ring on the receptionists handset?

2. The client wants two different MoH, so if 0133232500 is called callers hear MoH 1, where as callers to 0133232580 hear a different MoH. Is this possible?

3. How and/or in what order are external lines selected for use? If client has a PRI, SIP and POTS service available how does the UC520 determine which gets used first, second and so on, assuming there are no outbound dialling rules.


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Re: UC520 config assistance & questions

1. you need

dial-peer voice xx pots

incoming called-number .

no direct-inward-dial

2. no

3 you set pots lines in trunk-groups, under the outgoing dp you reference said trunk-groups with a precedence. The DP itself also ha a preference that you use to weight against the voip DP used for SIP.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

Re: UC520 config assistance & questions

To expand on Paolo's post here a little bit:

When you have a T1 PRI, you will need to have direct-inward-dial on the pots dial peer. In this example, from your ccapi output, it would be dial peer 50.

You could possibly do this with scripting, but I wouldn't know where to start. Not supported by default, though.

An outgoing call will first match an incoming dial peer. The incoming dial peer for a CME phone is a default dial peer that CME auto-creates. Sometimes, you will apply translation patterns on the incoming dial peer, but not in this case.

Next, it tries to find an outgoing dial peer. It will do this based upon the destination-pattern in the dial peers. The important property of dial peer hunting to remember is that as soon as a dial peer is matched, it is chosen. If you have destination patterns of 200 and 2000, you will never be able to dial 2000, unlike the functionality in Callmanager.

If two dial peers both match the destination pattern simultaneously (same destination-pattern), then it will go by preference. Dial peers have a default preference of 0, and it can be specified by the 'preference x' command.

In this situation, you could give your sip trunk preference 0, your PRI preference 1, and your pots dial peers preference 2.

You wouldn't necessarily require a trunk group, but it would allow you to use fewer dial peers.



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Re: UC520 config assistance & questions

Looks like Nick and I are quite different in verboseness :)

And I've rated your explanation above!

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Re: UC520 config assistance & questions

Thanks to both of you for your replies.

I've fixed the inward dialing through some debugging.

A couple of other questions please:

If I want to direct the outbound calling based on the caller/extension, so that those in extension ranges above 580 use the SIP, everyone else uses the PRI how would I set this up? I can see that I could tell them to use different access codes (one uses 0, the other group uses 1) but is there a way that doesn't require a change to user habits?

If my extension range is 501 to 579 can I direct inbound calls with the following:

voice translation-rule 1500

rule 1 /01332325../ /5../

voice translation-profile PRIIncoming

translate called 1500

dial-peer voice 150 pots

description ** incoming dial peer **

translation-profile incoming PRIIncoming

incoming called-number 01332325..


port 0/3/0:15

forward-digits all


Re: UC520 config assistance & questions

You can actually reduce this configuration to:

num-exp 5.. 01332325..

For your other question - you can configure corlists. Here's the guide:

Then, on the ephone-dn you would use this:

corlist incoming

Or, you could use the access code.