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UC520 T1 Configuration

After configuring (via CCA) a T1 trunk on a UC520, I took a look at the 'running config' and noticed some COR being applied.

It does not seem to apply any incoming COR lists anywhere; so do these initial outgoing cor configs just provide the framework for applying some restrictions later on by the administrator? In other words there should be no restrictions for outgoing calls initially?

Also, does anyone know what the 'internal' cor name provide. It seems to be a useful feature but to what dial peer would you apply an outgoing COR list 'call_internal' to? I don't see the outgoing COR for this applied anywhere. This seems like a good restriction for hotel lobby phones etc.

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Re: UC520 T1 Configuration

I've noticed the same features being applied when I use CCA on occasion. The only thing I could think of for the call_internal to be used for would be if you had another CME or UC520 that you wanted to allow your lobby phone to call. i.e. I'm on 4XX at one location and want to allow users to call other "internal" users by using a dialpeer 5XX that maps to a UC520 located at or something. Maybe someone else can offer a better explanation, but that's the only one I've been able to think of so far.


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