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UCC Connector for


Has anyone been able to make this thing work? I have a working CME system, a working TSP installation (can dial from Outlook no problem), and Enterprise with a properly configured Call Center.

When I launch the CTI Connector on my PC, it displays the icon in the system tray like it is supposed to. However, when I right click it, there is not an option for Configure as the instructions suggest there should be. Also, when I click About, it shows that the CTI Connector is "None Currently Loaded."

Anyone have any idea what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance,



Re: UCC Connector for

If you are using both UCC for Microsoft Windows and UCC for is not supported at the same time. If CiscoAdapter.xml file had already been uploaded then check only one user had been added and add another agent, log out and back in with that agent. Then start the CRM Connector and you can see the left hand side of the web page trying to initialize then fail. Next you click on the CRM icon in the system tray and choose Configure. Add the appropriate line and restart the connector.

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Re: UCC Connector for

I did eventually get it to work. Apparently the step I was missing was to enable auto-login to the Call Center within my personal settings in! Someone needs to add that step to the docs.

I've run into a new problem though - I cannot seem to get it to work on a Vista desktop. The SFDC component fails to install with a message about registering the CiscoACMIdriver.dll (or something similar). If I "ignore", the app won't run. I double checked registry permissions thinking that was the problem, but apparently not.

Fun times...

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