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UCCE 8.5 to 9.0 upgrade

Hello, currently we use UCCE 8.5, but soon we are planning to upgrade to UCCE 9.0

And so there is some questions about upgrade, mainly about what components version is to choose for upgrade.

For example, if you will look in Compatibility Matrix for UCCE 9.0

there is versions which marked as, for example, "CTIOS Server 9.0(x) and PG 9.0(2) and higher", in this example (2) or (x) does mean a revision of component major version that is guaranteed compatible with each other?

How could i properly choose revision versions of all components(CUCM, PG/CAD/CTI OS, CTI OS Desktop and others) for best compatibility and interaction?

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UCCE 8.5 to 9.0 upgrade


Always make sure that PG, CTI, and CTIOS has exactly the same version, cisco never releases one of them alone, they are all in sequence so make sure you have ICM 9.0(3) and CTIOS 9.0(3).

In case of upgrade, it is supported to have only one maintaince window, you only need to shutdown both roggers, upgrade them and start them, Roggers can connect to eariler version of PG's, it can give you time to upgrade without full loosing opertion as upgrade usually takes time, after you finish the roggers you can start upgrading the components one by one starting with the AW-HDS-DDS then PG's CTI, CTIOS, etc...


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UCCE 8.5 to 9.0 upgrade

Hello, Amer

Thanks for your response. Does it mean, that if i choose CUCM 9.1(2) from table, i also must upgrade my all other components, like ICM CTIOS and others, to version 9.0(2) and not lower?

The process of upgrade it's not an issue right now, at first we want to properly choose version of components to the best.

One more question, what does (x) mean in the compatibility table, right after component major version number?


UCCE 8.5 to 9.0 upgrade

CUCM has nothing to do with this, what is important for compatibility matrix is ICM and CTIOS, CUCM, CVP or ip IVR has no issues with maintaince releases as long as it is supported.

Which means that you can have 9.1(2) or 9.1(3) and the ICM is 9.0(3) but you can't have ICM 9.0(3) and CTIOS 9.0(2).

the (X) is usually set so that customers can use the same document for later maintainance releases so that cisco wont have to right each versoin for a specific com matrix, so it usually means any minor relase within the major release.


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UCCE 8.5 to 9.0 upgrade

Thanks for clarifying this question, Amer

I'm just curious, will CUCM 9.1 work with UCCE 8.5, regardless that this integration isn't officially supported?

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