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New Member

UCCX NTP Problem!

The UCCX server shows wrong time which affects the scripts.

Time  zone is configured right,all the phones uses the which is the default gateway and they show right time.

Can any one help plz,i tried to change the timezone to try something else but it said that this will make me lose the license and it has to be rehosted again.

We are using GMT+4 but the server shows -8 hours than what it should be.For example it now 4 pm but it shows 8 am!

Thanks in advance.


UCCX NTP Problem!

Hi Ahmed,

If the UTC time is in sync between the UCCX server and the NTP server  then it will not be an issue with time synchronization between the UCCX box  and the NTP. If the 'local' time is off this is an issue with the timezone selected and the  offset from UTC which is handled locally by the UCCX server and doesn't  have anything to do with synchronizing with NTP. The UCCX box syncs the  UTC time from the NTP server and then applies the offset locally based  on the configured timezone.

So, first you need to verify synchronization. Have you verified the outputs of "show ntp status" on the default gateway and "utils ntp status" on the uccx server. Try using "utils ntp restart" on the uccx server and see if it fixes the issue, catch the corresponding packet capture as well if the issue needs further investigation.


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