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UCM 5.1 Time

I put this in the wrong forum earlier

I just did a new install, but I have had other issues that I have been trying to fix. So now I have the system stabilized, but my time is off by 3 minutes. I know if I change my time server, I have to reboot......but if I manually change the time, do I have to reboot all my nodes in the cluster. The documentation doesn't mention it for changing the time manually, but when you look at the time settings on the server, it says you will have to restart....I just want to know if I can change the time, reboot the phones and get by without rebooting the server. Because as with a lot of things Cisco, if I mess with this and reboot the server, then I have to go through another process of getting something else working



Re: UCM 5.1 Time

Are other subscribers in sync with NTP server on pub ?

If yes, it can be a network issue in reaching NTP services on PUB from this sub

(firewall ?)

( I assume https://A.B.C.D:8443/iptplatform/ list the correct IP address for the NTP server )

If not, is NTP demon on pub up ad running ?

Was it enabled (on the PUB) at installation time ?

NTP Server Enable

When enabled, this server will act as a NTP server and provide time updates to the subsequent nodes in the cluster.

Choose Yes if you want to enable this machine to be an NTP server.

Can customer try to add another working NTP reference as workaround ?

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