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UCM Web Admin Access Problems

When I attempt to access the Unified CM Administration page on my Publisher - I enter the username/password and the page just sits there and I never authenticate.

However, I am able to SSH and gain access to my Unified CM OS Administration page.

TAC has not been helpful. We tried:

utils service restart Cisco Tomcat

utils reset_ui_administrator_password

We experience the same issue on the sub.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: UCM Web Admin Access Problems

what username are you trying to use to login..

Is it ccmadministrator or administrator?

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Re: UCM Web Admin Access Problems

We are using admin. TAC had me reboot the server. I didn't want to do this as we have had this problem before and I knew this would resolve it. I was hoping that before we rebooted we could find a root cause.

After rebooting, web access was available. Here is the CLI output after rebooting showing some form of db replication error.

First issued this command:

admin:utils dbreplication status

******************************************************************************** ********************

This command reads and writes database information from all machines and will ta ke quite some time...please be patient.

******************************************************************************** ********************

-------------------- utils dbreplication status --------------------

Error returned -1 at 1321

Error returned -1 at 802

command failed -- General Error (-1) (-1)

Output is in file cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.083700.out


Then issued the following command with the name of the file *.out:

admin:file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.083700.out



g_cucm_ccm 2 Active Local 0

g_cucm_subscriber_ccm 3 Active Connecting 5640359


utils dbreplication status output

To determine if replication is suspect, look for the following:

(1) Number of rows in a table do not match on all nodes.

(2) Non-zero values occur in any of the other output columns for a table

(3) ***** PLEASE IGNORE MISMATCHES IN ReplicationDynamic TABLE *****

First a summary of replication servers and their server status is provided

options: q=quit, n=next, p=prev, b=begin, e=end (lines 1 - 20 of 23)

Error returned -1 at 1321

Error returned -1 at 802

command failed -- General Error (-1) (-1)

end of the file reached

options: q=quit, n=next, p=prev, b=begin, e=end (lines 21 - 23 of 23)

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