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New Member

UCM 6.1 CDR Help Needed

Recent upgrade from 4.x to 6.x. The third party billing server was reconfigured 48 hours after the cutover, but only sees data from the point the billing server's SFTP repository was configured in UCM. Is there a way to pull the local CDR data from this missing 48-hour window and send it to the billing server?

Thanks in advance!


New Member

Re: UCM 6.1 CDR Help Needed

Hi Brian,

Once the Repository Manager has processed the CDR file it puts it in the processed folder.  I don't believe there is a way to have the Pub push the missing files to the Billing Server.  What you can do is manually pull the CDRs from the Pub using an SSH session or from RTMT and then copy them to the Billing Server.

If you SSH into the Pub you can run the following to list processed CDRs for a particular date.  For example:

file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/processed/20101102 detail

That will list everything for Nov 2.  Then you can do a file get to download the files.  For example:

file list get /cm/cdr_repository/processed/20101102/*

Or you can get individual files

file list get /cm/cdr_repository/processed/20101026/cdr_StandAloneCluster_01_201010261438_366

You can also use RTMT to download the CDRs.  From RTMT, go to Trace & Log Central->Collect Files and select "Cisco CDR files on Publisher Processed."  You can then select the specific time you want to pull CDRs for.

One you have the CDRs you'll have to manually copy them to the Billing Server.

Let me know if this helps.


New Member

Re: UCM 6.1 CDR Help Needed


Sincere thanks for spending the time and detailing an approach. We'll try it out and I'll post the outcome.



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