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UCM 7.0 Licensing

Hi Guys,

Pretty basic question.

I've activated the PAK codes from the numerous lic-cm-dl-10 packs that were purchased.

I've uploaded them into the UCM7.0 publisher, and they're not appearing.

They're installed (excerpt from run sql select * from licenseinfo)

pkid fklicenseserver tklicensefeature licenseunits overdraftunits macaddress version origmacid licfileid licfileversion isdemo

==================================== ==================================== ================ ============ ============== ============ ======= ============ ================= ============== ======

fd44401b-1a42-4063-b99a-8b843bad49c7 8babcfc3-9bd3-47d5-bb09-53398cc10d95 2 10 1 000bcdf0b595 5.0 000bcdf0b595 20090628204641410 1.0 f

a8ccc631-4555-44ab-b6b2-e4b372c8c8a5 8babcfc3-9bd3-47d5-bb09-53398cc10d95 2 10 1 000bcdf0b595 5.0 000bcdf0b595 20090628192716307 1.0 f

What concerns me, is the version number of the licences (version 5.0) does this need to be upgraded somehow?

Note: This is the NFR version of UC7.0-k9-nfr. Is there a restriction on additional DLU's being installed on a NFR product?

Community Member

Re: UCM 7.0 Licensing

Just a follow up, we tried this on CM6.1 and the additional licences appeared.

So it's down to a restriction on the system when installed from the NFR media.

Or a restriction when the NFR PAK is installed - Though even before adding the NFR PAK, the additional DLU PAK didn't make a difference to the licence count in CM7.0.

It's also repeatable with UCM-BE.

Also, for reference the system is being used in an internal deployment, not for a client site.

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