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UCM 7.1.3 Integration with AD

We'd like to integrate our existing UCM system with AD to enable us to use things like CUCIMOC.

Unfortunately we have around 4000 End Users configured in UCM of which around a quarter have different user id's to their AD

equivalent. My question is, can we undertake the integration in steps for example an OU at a time or do we have to go for the big bang approach and do everyone at once?

If we do synchronise the DB's and there are differences what happens? Has anybody encountered a similar situation?

I will shortly have access to a development UCM which I can test things out on, is there a simple way of copying my live UCM users onto the development kit so I can re-create the migration?

Cisco Employee

Re: UCM 7.1.3 Integration with AD

You can set up to 5 sync OUs, you can just point to individual OUs and then start changing them to the parent OUs to sync more users.

You can also point to the root and get all at once, what you sync depends on what OUs you're pointing to.

The problem here is that unless the sync finds the same userID in the LDAP, users that do not exist within the sync OUs will be deleted.

If Jdoe is not within the OUs you want to start synching he'll be deleted, once you set the OU where Jdoe is, he'll be synched again... but as a new user and all his config will be gone.

About the userIDs not being the same, the one from CUCM will be gone, the new one from LDAP will be added.

For AD deployments, the ObjectGUID is used  internally in Unified CM as the key attribute of a user. The attribute  in AD that corresponds to the Unified CM User ID may be changed in AD.  For example, if sAMAccountname is being used, a user may change their  sAMAccountname in AD, and the corresponding user record in Unified CM  would be updated.




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Re: UCM 7.1.3 Integration with AD

javalenc, if we migrate from one AD to another and the new userIDs are different, is it correct that the only way to preserve phone to user association is to export BAT users before migration, do the migration, update the CSV file with the new user IDs (manually), and then import the BAT file to update the new end users? Finally, the speed dials and call forward settings can not be recovered, is that correct?


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