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UCM 7 ccmuser directory "bug"

Running UCM 7.1.3

Possible Bug in directory program.

On the phone set select Corporate directory and you can search first name, last name and directory number.

(But not Department)

I enter the extension number 0999 and I get 58 names.

Now fire up Web Attendant Console and I can search on department (and other fields) and I get the same results, 58 names.

HOWEVER If I log into ccmuser and select the directory function not one of the 58 names will appear as 0999 is not

one of the "cisco" extensions. (Doesn't appear on any VoIP stations).

Even though it is programmed in the end user data base as the extension for each of the names.

It appears that the ccmuser directory is pulling the data from some other location (or different sql field)  than the phone corporate directory and the web attendant console.

Any way to get this corrected?

The ccmuser directory function in 3.3.3 worked correctly. If you entered a last name and there were multiple entries for that individual (cell phone number, pager number, etc) all the phone numbers would show up. With version 7 only the "VoIP" extension shows. We recently "upgraded" from 3 to 7 and the users have noticed that this information they used to enjoy is not available any more. This is not acceptable.



Re: UCM 7 ccmuser directory "bug"

It's not a bug.  The directory on the phone itself and the Web Attendant directory are limited to the LDAP directory, which only includes the name and extension that are input in the User configuration.  CCMUser has access to the LDAP directory components, but also has access to the device associations database.  From the CCMUser Directory page, you can look up based on Extension or by LDAP Extension. 

If you search by LDAP Extension, you will get what you do via the other methods; it manually configured name and extension defined in the User Configuration.

If you search by Extension, the directory will return the listings for every line appearance that matches the search, along with the user associated with the device that hosts that line appearance.  This has the effect, if device associations are configured correctly, of returning every extension on every phone that I use, rather than only my primary extension.  Of course, if device associations are not configured at all, a search by extension will return nothing.

So either use the LDAP Ext search criteria, or setup device associations.

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Re: UCM 7 ccmuser directory "bug"

Huh? When I open a web page for ccmuser I have no option to change what is "searched".

I have manually entered all of the directory information into the user data on UCM7. If you search a user from within UCM7 the names show up,

If you click on a name, then you see the phone number in the telephone number field. When you attempt to do the same thing from ccmuser, all you see are the separate entries and NO phone numbers.

I don't believe we are using LDAP in my configuration. We are only using the data that has been manually configured in the end user pages of UCM7.

I am still trying to associate the users with their extensions. (Also a PITA). Didn't need to do that in 3. \


Re: UCM 7 ccmuser directory "bug"

Maybe we are talking about different directories.  When I go into CCMUser, under the User Options menu, I have the Directories option.  When I go into that, I get a page that says "Find User(s) where [Last Name] [begins with] "

That first field can be Last Name, First Name, User ID, Ext or LDAP Ext.  Is this what you see?

LDAP is a protocol, and it is one method to access the CallManager user directory.  It isn't something you need to turn on (and I don't think you can turn it off).

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Re: UCM 7 ccmuser directory "bug"

I only see:

Last Name

First Name

User ID


It would be great if it was possible to also see Department.

LDAP is not one of the options.


Re: UCM 7 ccmuser directory "bug"

Odd...  Do you have the Dirsync service activated in Unified Servicability|Tools|Service Activation?  Perhaps it can be turned off.

As for searching by department, it is possible (for example, we are doing it), but it requires loading the IP Phone Service SDK on a seperate web server and customizing the ASP that comes with the SDK to your needs.  It's not difficult, and one does not need to be classically trained as a software engineer to do it.

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Re: UCM 7 ccmuser directory "bug"

Cisco DirSync is checked on the publisher.

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