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UCM 8.x solution with SIP

Has anyone done a 100% SIP implementation with UCM 8.x?  If so,

* Did you lose any functionality compared to SCCP on the endpoints?

* Did you lose any functionality on the gateways compared to H323 or MGCP?

* Would you say it was easier/harder/same when it came to design or configuration?

* How did you handle SRST?

* How did you handle media resources (MTP, XCoding, CFB, etc.)?

Any other questions or comments you guys out there have?  Fun stuff...


Re: UCM 8.x solution with SIP

From what I know, the SCCP and SIP are not quite the same yet.    SIP is still missing a few features compared to SCCP.

For gateways, think h323 and SIP basically the same, other than SIP may give more "options" than H323.

Media resources has nothing to do with SIP.  They are still registered either at the gateways (software/hardware) or at the CUCM servers.

SRST still acts the same.

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Re: UCM 8.x solution with SIP

So far, I haven't found anything missing with SIP on 8.x using newer IP Phones.  I'm sure there are some differences, but nothing that stands out so far.

I've been using SIP on the gateways for a while and love it.  It's a tiny bit more configuration, but troubleshooting is so much easier.

Fun stuff.

Cisco Employee

Re: UCM 8.x solution with SIP

Not sure if you've been thru this link but it covers what you get with SCCP what with SIP.

Endpoint Features Summary

MTP, CFB and XCODERs on ISRs cannot be SIP, they are SCCP handled.

Unified CM communicates with media resources using  Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP). This messaging is independent of  the protocol that might be in use between Unified CM and the  communicating entities



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if this helps, please rate

Re: UCM 8.x solution with SIP

Nice call Java (as always).   I was taking for granted the poster knew Media Resources were always SCCP.

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