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UCM Alternate Call Routing

Is this possible?

I'm routing outbound calls to a H323 gateway, for example 555-1111.  However, when the gateway is down, I would like to re-route this call to the helpdesk at extension 5000.  So far, I haven't found a way move an external call back inside.  I've gotta be missing something easy.

Any ideas? This is UCM 7.1.


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Re: UCM Alternate Call Routing

I cannot think of a way to do this within UCM; however, I could do it if you had a spare router and a CUBE license.

The issue is that once the route list is selected for a route pattern, subsequent route group or route group member selections can only perform transformations on the call, not a translation. Because of this the call essentially must leave UCM at that point since route groups can only contain gateways or trunks.

If you have a spare router, you could configure it with dial-peers and a translation-profile to loop the call back to UCM after translating the called number. At this point you would just need the gateway (H.323) or trunk (SIP) to have a CSS with on-net partitions that could reach whatever pattern the gateway translated the call to.

Somewhat ironic that you need a router to provide resiliancy for your other router but it's better than a 'no.'

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Re: UCM Alternate Call Routing

Yup, already thought of that one.  However, we can't always justify another router. I even opened a TAC case today and they told me the same thing.  I guess I'll add it to the enhancement requests.

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