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UCM7 Local Route Groups

I am using local route groups that is new with 7.01. It all works well, but the examples given in the literature seem to only apply to all the voice ports within voice gateway(s)to be equal. What happens when I have separate LD and local trunks and have to have 2 separate route lists? How can I configure that with an MGCP gateway and still maintain the local route group function?


Re: UCM7 Local Route Groups

I do not think that there is any way to do what you want with MGCP as you have to put specific voice ports in route group in order of preference (or round robin) so there is no way of using local route groups and specifying particular ports for LD and local calls.

You could configure the gateways to use H.323 and then configure dial-peers to route local calls out of one trunk and LD calls out of another.

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