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UCS-C210M1-VCD2 or VCD1

Hi All,

I'm trying to put together a kit-list for a virtualised UC solution.  I've been reading that my options for a rack mountable solution are either the C210M1 VCD1 or VCD2, would VCD1 be suitable for a 2 CUCM Cluster plus Unity Connection?  Once we've ordered the bare metal server what else do we need to order, are there other part codes for CUCM 8.X and Unity CXN in VMware?

Finally, anyone have the Cisco partcode for ESXi 4.0?



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Re: UCS-C210M1-VCD2 or VCD1

Hi Darren,

I looked around a bit in the documentation we have on this.

Supported Cisco Unified Communications IP telephony applications can be co-resident on C210 M1 Reference Configuration 2 and Reference Configuration 3, in any combination that does not oversubscribe hardware. For example, multiple instances of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection can co-reside together on the same server as long as there is no oversubscription of either CPU cores or RAM.

At this time, if a Cisco Unity Connection virtual machine is loaded and running, an idle/unused CPU core (vCPU) must remain available for VMware ESXi. This allows the ESXi scheduler to properly schedule and allow for predictable real-time audio streaming which Cisco Unity Connection voice messaging depends on.

At this time there is no support for co-residency with non-Unified Communications Cisco applications, nor with third-party applications.

From supported servers doc:

Reference Configuration 1 (UCS-C210M1-VCD1)

Reference Configuration 2 (UCS-C210M1-VCD2)

So I would understand you cannot use VCD1 for coresident VM's. More info on the parts for UCS-C210M1-VCD2

From Cisco Unified Communications on the Cisco Unified Computing System

VMWare license = VMW-UC-STD-K9-1A

I hope this helps a bit?

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