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Unable to access “Configure” > “Phone” tab in CME GUI

When I go into the CME GUI (, I can log in, but when I try to open Configure > Phone, it will not do anything. At the bottom on IE, it says “Error on page” and when I click on that, the error it gives me is 'VoiceProfile is undefined'.

I can go into the CUE GUI ( and navigate around just fine. Could someone help me with this?

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Re: Unable to access “Configure” > “Phone” t

I think I have seen this before...Im not sure..

Do you have new phones plugged in to the network?

The phones MAC addresses are usually auto discovered...

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Re: Unable to access “Configure” > “Phone” t

It's a brand new system, and all the phones are up and running fine. I can see all the phones in the CUE GUI (, but cannot get to the phone configuration in the CME GUI (

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Re: Unable to access “Configure” > “Phone” t


what's the version of your CCME, and can you show up the sh flash command


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Re: Unable to access “Configure” > “Phone” t

I'm running CME 4.2 (I think). Here's a copy of what comes up when I type show flash.

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Re: Unable to access “Configure” > “Phone” t


Pls check your GUI files are for the CME4.2 version.I believe the GUI Files which you loaded is not compatable with 4.2.

Upload the 4.2 GUI files and see it will definitely work.



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