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Unable to Add 7965g / 7945 IP Phones to the environment

Phone configured in CUCM as the correct defined type,

DHCP Server option 150 points to the CISCO TFTP Server.

Cisco TFTP Services is activated and running.

The issues are as follows:

(1) 16 phones - NOT showing any display after powering on via good known POE connection and External power supply (cube3).

(2) One (1) - has steady diaplay after powerin on - Cisco logo screen saying Upgrading and a MAC Address (white screen) - but does nothing after that. Keys on the phone does not respond at all.

Anyone out there have any ideas.



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Unable to Add 7965g / 7945 IP Phones to the environment

If you can plug another phone into the exact same Ethernet cable and get it to light up but the other sixteen phones do nothing, not even light up the headset/mute/speaker buttons (in sequence) then they are likely DOA. Open an RMA case with Cisco.

For the one that does power up but doesn't upgrade, what happens on the screen? It should show you some output if you watch carefully.

Does it get a DHCP address?

If yes, does the address shown come from a pool with Option 150 set correctly?

Can you source ping from that subnet to the CUCM IP?

Does it pull down any of the files at all or show a timeout?

Does it show an error (e.g. Auth Error)?

What does a Wireshark (SPAN port from the switch) show for traffic on that port?

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