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VIP Purple

Unable to call from Outside to few DID number


We have got a E1 Voice PRI with DID facility which has been working since long time.DID pool provided by Telco is for 1000 numbers[numbering range is 61746000-61746999 where 61746000 is Pilot Number]

We have configured few  IP phones with last four digits as their extension/DN from the above pool. We are able to call from Outside/PSTN directly to DID numbers configured on the phones as well make outgoing calls.

the problem which we are facing that now when are configuring few more DID numbers on IP phones, we are able to make outgoing calls but unable to receive incoming calls.


while making outgoing calls it shows Calling number as 6340 and called number as any mobile number which is correct.


Router is configured as MGCP.


the error which we get for incoming calls is 

Cause i = 0x829E - Response to STATUS ENQUIRY or number unassigned

        Call State i = 0x0A


please advise what could be the cause.





Is this issue with all the

Is this issue with all the configured DIDs or only few? If there are successful calls, Could you post the complete debug for working and non-working calls please? Also the ccm traces.
//Suresh Please rate all the useful posts.
VIP Purple

 thanks for your response.I


thanks for your response.

I logged the call with Telco and incoming was not enabled on few DID numbers on  which we were trying to make a call.




Are you sure the gateway CSS

Are you sure the gateway CSS has direct access to the directory number partitions?  A lot of people will put a translation pattern in the middle.  You might have translation patterns that match the rest of the DIDs that you will need to copy for the new DIDs.

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