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Unable to install CUCM 7.1.5 in MCS-7825I5 K9 CMD2 Server.

We have 2 server hardware MCS-7825I4 K9 CMC2 with CUCM version 7.1.5 in Cluster in same site, One server working as publisher mode and one server working as subscriber mode.

Now we are working on DR site setup in other location. For this purpose we have purchased a new server hardware MCS-7825I5 K9 CMD2 with CUCM 8.5.

Now we want to add this new server to our existing CUCM 7.1.5 cluster but it’s not working because of different version. For this we have tried to install 7.1.5 to the new server but kept coming up with a problem where the installation would request the input of country code and keyboard type. The server then requested SATA RAID drivers and that I couldn't get the installation to go any further.

Now Please guide us what action we will take to all 3 server in a same Cluster.

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Unable to install CUCM 7.1.5 in MCS-7825I5 K9 CMD2 Server.

The 7825-I5 is not supported prior to 8.5 so you would have to upgrade the existing cluster to at least that release. To perform an upgrade you need an active UCSS contract to place the PUT order.

Note that all MCS hardware will no longer be supported in 10.0; you will be forced to migrate the solution to support virtualization environment whenever you upgrade past 9.1.

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Unable to install CUCM 7.1.5 in MCS-7825I5 K9 CMD2 Server.


In addition to tips from Mr. Jonathan (+5),u also need to check the existing Hardware 7825-I4 -K9-CMC2 for DRAM  since 8.0(3) onwards requires 4 GB . HDD size is sufficient.

Also, u need to have Valid ESW contract as well.



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