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unable to upgrade firmware on 7911


We´re on un upgrade from CUCM to CUCM, and first we´re upgrading fw on phones.

there are some Cisco 7911 with fw sccp11.9-0-2SR1S that doesnt upgrade to sccp.9-2-1s. Also proved upgrade to sccp11.9-1-1SR1S, and they maintain on 9.0(2). Also the web access on phone is not working, even if it enable on config.

there are some 7911 that had 9.1(1)sr1, and them upgraded correctly to 9.2(1). So the tftp worked.

We tried a factory reset with a phone with 9.0(2), and it remains with term.11.default, locale in english.

It seems an issue with fw 9.0(2).

Any idea how to upgrade the phones?

Or to recover the 7911 that remains with term11.default


Andres Pasten



unable to upgrade firmware on 7911

Hi Andres,

Did you perform uploading the file in all TFTP servers & did you restart all the TFTP server?

If you have restarted the TFTP server then try to upgrade firmware individually for one phone so that you can confirm if any firmware issue or not.

Refer below link to upgrade firmware individually.

  1. Go to Cisco Unified CM Administration > Device > Device Settings > Device Defaults, and locate the model or phone type that the upgrade SHOULD NOT affect, you will see that the new firmware name is listed there. Change it to the string that your phones are currently using.
  2. This way we stop the system to push t he load to phone, and only transmit it to the model/type we want
  3. If what you need is to push the firmware to an entire device model/type, then you can go ahead and restart the TFTP service, and then the entire set of IP Phones of the model you want to upgrade. After restarting, the CallManager will tell them to load firmware 8.4.4
  4. If what you need is to push the load to a single device, or few devices, correct the firmware string back to what the phones are currently running as in step 1. This way the phones won't notice there was a new firmware installed and won't be instructed to upgrade
  5. Restart the TFTP service in CallManager
  6. Now lets tell those few phones only that they need to load a new software image
  7. Go to Device > Phones, Find the devices and locate a field in their configuration pages called "Phone Load Name", and enter SCCPXXXXX.
  8. Restart the phone
  9. Go back to their configuration page, and clear the "Phone Load Name" field
  10. Restart the phone again

Nishant Savalia

Regards, Nishant Savalia
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