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Unable to use abbreviated dials on shared line

Hi, I have a number of phones which have line one as a shared line. Whenever one person goes off hook on this line nobody else who shares this line is able to use the abbreviated dial feature on their handset. The softkey option is greyed out. Also it seems that this feature is only available on line one.

Is anybody able to provide me with a workaround for this issue?



Re: Unable to use abbreviated dials on shared line

Make sure thatOn-hook abbreviated dialing using the Abbr soft key is supported only on the following phones:

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7905G

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7912G

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7920G

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7971G-GE

System-level speed-dial codes cannot be changed by the phone user, at the phone.

• Before Cisco CME 3.3, analog phones were limited to nine speed-dial numbers.

• Before to Cisco CME 3.3, speed-dial entries that were in excess of the number of physical phone buttons available were ignored by IP phones.

Here is the summary step for the configuration, which may help you

1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. ephone phone-tag

4. speed-dial speed-tag digit-string [label label-text]

5. exit

6. telephony-service

7. directory entry {directory-tag number name name | clear}

8. end

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