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New Member

Unallocated/Unassigned on Phone

I am re-posting this.. Any CCIE experts on this forum can help on this please..

I have Callmanager with 6608 PRI GW and remote CME. Callmanager to CME calls should go through a gatekeeper, and it works fine. If GK is not available, calls need to be re-routed via local 6608 GW. when that happens, the originating Callmanager phone should see the message "Unallocated/Unassigned" on the phone.

I tried with following commands,

call fallback reject-cause-code 1

call fallback active

but, I do not see any message on the originating phone.

Callmanager 4.1.3sr4d

gatekeeper 2651XM c2600-ipvoice_ivs-mz.124-3e.bin

Can you please tell me how to accomplish this?

Thanks for your help in advance.

New Member

Re: Unallocated/Unassigned on Phone

I know what you are talking about but I dont know if this is what you are looking for. The message needs to be in the traces. It happens when one route group in the route list is passed up and the second route group is used. The cause code for the second route group being chosen will be "1 Unallocated Unassigned Number" in the traces. I don't belive it has anything to do with the message showing on the phones. Based on that do you know how to do this? I am still stumped.


Re: Unallocated/Unassigned on Phone

Does the phone hear a re-order tone or a busy tone ??

Also AFAIK, I dont think the phone would show this message. It should only play the re-order tone.

New Member

Re: Unallocated/Unassigned on Phone

Why would the phone here a reorder tone if one route group in the route list is passed up and the second is used and completes the call? Without saying too much do you know where the source of this question is from? Please don't be offended by the previous question,I'm not trying to be a jerk; I just want to be sure we are all on the same page because knowing the source of the question is relevant to getting to the answer. P.S. I dont know the answer...I'm trying to figure it out too.


Re: Unallocated/Unassigned on Phone

AFAIK, when unallocated/unassigned number is received by the CM, it should play the re-order tone. I've not tested this in the recent times, but can for sure test it for you, if I know the CM, CME version as well

New Member

Re: Unallocated/Unassigned on Phone

Well if you use the CCM perameter Stop Routing on Unallocated Unassigned Number = True this might be the case. However if you change it to False it would select the second route. However the question is how can we produce a cause code of Unallocated Unassigned Number in the traces before CCM selects its second Route Group in the Route List. The ccm perameter alone only allows the Route List to keep routing to its second choice it will not make sure that the cause code itself is received before it routes to its second choice. Which is the core of the question.

New Member

Re: Unallocated/Unassigned on Phone

This needs to be something we can insert as admins. For example somethig similar to when you block a route-pattern or a translation pattern with a Route Option. We as admins can insert cause codes of:

Unallocated Unassigned Number

No Error

Call Rejected

Number Changed

Invalid Format

Precedent Level Exceeded

It has to be something like that..obviously the point is to route the pattern though not block it. I hope I am at least stimulating someones thought process on this one because I'm still stumped.

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