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Unattended cucm installation with answers file

Hello guys,

I'm trying to understand how to master the CUCM answer files as well as the ASG tool. I didn't find any thorough docs around so I'm gonna ask here:

1) In my opinion it should be possibile to have a cluster setup Pub+Sub without adding the second node to the PUB first through the web interface. Is it enough to enable the Dynamic Cluster Config option in the answer file in order to have the second node joining the first one?

2)What if during the installation I also want to apply a patch? In my opinion should be supported using the following section of the xml file:

<ParamNameText>Install or upgrade type</ParamNameText>
<ParamValue>Basic Install</ParamValue>

Changing the param value to: Applying a Patch but I cannot manage when to mount the floppy image because if you mount it too early it will proceed with the installation without upgrading even if you choose the skip button in the wizard and click on I want to install a patch

3)Last but not least: how should I use the clusterConfig.xml? W/ o w/out platformConfig.xml?

4)It's clear to me how to create the .vfd image. I already went through the CUCM official guides without success as well as the help associated with the AWG tool.

Look forward to your answers, thanks for your time!

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