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Uncorrect working of tag <transfer> in VoiceXML

There are Cisco 2801, 4 FXO ports connect to PSTN, CME configured and connect to H323 VoIP network by Gatekeeper.

On Cisco 2801 working VoiceXML application:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<vxml version="2.0" base="tftp://Ñ….Ñ….Ñ….Ñ…/ivr.vxml">

<form id="main">

<property name="timeout" value="10s"/>

<transfer name="mycall" dest="phone://7373" bridge="true"/>



Dial-peers on Cisco 2801 are following:

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern .T

port 0/0/0


dial-peer voice 2 pots

destination-pattern .T

port 0/0/1


dial-peer voice 3 pots

destination-pattern .T

port 0/0/2


dial-peer voice 4 pots

destination-pattern .T

port 0/0/3


dial-peer voice 7000 voip


destination-pattern 7[0-34679]..

session target ras

codec g711ulaw


dial-peer voice 7667 voip

service ivr

incoming called-number 7667

codec g711ulaw

Trouble: VXML transfer to internal number 7373 by gatekeepr and to other numbers, beginning with 7 routed to POTS dial-peers (1,2,3,4) , but not to dial-peer 7000. Why? Help me, please.


Re: Uncorrect working of tag <transfer> in VoiceXML

IOS doesn't route based on closest match, it just goes with the first match. You might try adding pref 1 to all the POTS dial peers, that way the voip dial peers with the default preference of 0 will be first choice. Having the .T changed to a ....T might work as well, it just depends on your entire dialplan and what works for your situation.

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Re: Uncorrect working of tag <transfer> in VoiceXML

This tips don't work. Construction voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323

resolved my trouble

Thanks a lot off for help. Please close topic.

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