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understanding LIC-UWL-STD & LIC-CUCM-USR-A

I'm trying to understand Cisco Call Manager licensing and it's proving difficult to achieve.

Does anybody know the functional difference between




I'm trying to buy the right licenses to connect a 7911 handset to a CM8 system

I'd love to find a page on the Cisco web site that explains this but so far no luck on that one.

Kind Regards + Thanks for any help


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understanding LIC-UWL-STD & LIC-CUCM-USR-A

Licenses are explained in the ordering guides; however, these are only available to partners. I suggest you work with your choosen partner to navigate through this.

To summarize:

With Cisco UCL, channel partners no longer need to quote server  software, device license units (DLUs), ports, options, and more. Only  the number of users and public space devices need to be counted and  licensed. All Right to Use (RTU) fees, DLU fees, port licenses, and  similar expenses will be converted to a single User Connect License. 

Essentially Cisco is moving away from device-based licensing. Both of these SKUs license a named user, not the device. Under that seat license the user is entitled to differing features. To use an analogy the UWL program is roughly equivelent to buying Microsoft Office: you get a suite of tools. UCL is then equivelent to buying Microsoft Word: you get a specific tool. Either way you're licensing those features for a human not a device.

For those devices that you cannot attribute to a specific user (e.g. lobbys, meeting rooms, etc) there is a concept of public space device licensing. This is a separate SKU (PUBLIC-IP-DEV-ADD) and is not interchangable with UWL/UCL seat licenses.

PS- Migration to these licensing models is not optional. As soon as you upgrade into the 8.0 or later versions the PUT order triggers a migration to UCL in Cisco's entitlement software. This migration is performed against your active UCSS contract quantities, not the DLUs/mailboxes you have installed in your system. Be absolutely sure that every user and public space device has an active UCSS contract; or, take advantage of the 3+3 upgrade promotion to fix your entitlement shortfalls.

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understanding LIC-UWL-STD & LIC-CUCM-USR-A

So in that case if the 7911's I'm after connecting are not associated with a person but are literally a phone in an open space is there any reason why I cannot use a PUBLIC-IP-DEV-ADD to connect them as long as I keep buying a UCSS-PUB-3-1 and a CON-ESW-PUBLICIP to keep the maintenance going for them ??

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