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Understanding modem/fax over SIP ITSP PSTN

Hello All

I am trying to get my head around modem/fax over a sip provider.

If I am going over the SIP PSTN I will never really know what the terminating device is.

If that is the case then I can't use modem passthrough "NSE" command, is that right?

What can  I use to pass modem and or fax via the SIP PSTN?

SIP ITSP <---(SIP)--CUBE/CME<---(signallling protocol?)<--vg204<--modem/fax.

Can the signalling protocol between cme and vg204 be SCCP or will it need to be SIP?

If sccp then I beleive I can use fax protocol passthrough but then I will have a problem with modems.

Thanks in advance for you assistance.


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Understanding modem/fax over SIP ITSP PSTN

There are two ways to configure our VG204 in CCME..SCCP or H323. These are the protocols used to ocntrol the VG. This is totally different from the fax transmission protocol. For fax transmission you can use T.38, modem/fax passthrough etc. You need to know which fax transmission your ITSP support...

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