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Understanding Unity Digital Networking and Dial Domain


I am trying to understand Unity Digital Networking and the concept of the Primary Location ID and Dial Domain.

Can anyone point me to a good document that explains this, I have read the unity fundamentals and it goes over it at a high level but I am still having trouble grasping this concept.

My understanding is that the Primary Location ID is an ID that identifies all the subscribers to this Unity server which is a tag on all the user directory numbers for this Unity server that connects to the networked phone system managing the numbers, the Dial Domain is a pointer to another Unity domain which houses the directory numbers of the other Unity Servers. This allows the Unity server to accept messages and forward them to the other Unity server based on the dial Domain. Is this understanding correct.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Understanding Unity Digital Networking and Dial Domain

When Cisco Unity is first installed, the installation creates a default location, called the Primary location object. It cannot be deleted, because it represents the local subscribers. As subscribers are added to Unity, they become members of this location. When a new location is created, this information is passed along the Global Directory.

....Regarding dialing domain...

A Dialing domain provides a way to group Locations for purposes of performing searches. I can say that a Dialing Domain may be a virtual group of Unity servers.


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Re: Understanding Unity Digital Networking and Dial Domain

Thanks for the response

Can you please give an example of a dial domain from a user perspective, I am having trouble seeing how a user uses the dial domain.

When you create the virtual group is it to help make the searches faster, do you create the dial domain and assign this to a attendant group so that unity only searches a specific set of subscribers instead of looking through the entire global directory of all the unity servers.




Re: Understanding Unity Digital Networking and Dial Domain

Yes, Dialing domain can be used for Directory searches or also for Cross-Server Logon, Transfer, and Live Reply.

Its basically grouping Servers.

A dialing domain is a collection of Cisco Unity servers that are integrated with the same phone system or phone system network. Extensions within a dialing domain must be unique. The dialing domain allows Cisco Unity to handle overlapping extensions on Cisco Unity servers that are outside of the dialing domain

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