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Unicast MOH issue

We have uploaded a new MOH file on the CUCM server. The new file is played when user is placed on HOLD. However the file does not get played from the start, it plays from anywhere in the middle, each time from a different place, any idea? MOH is unicast. CUCM version 9.0

Cisco Employee

Hello! I think this should



I think this should answer your question :)


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Thanks Sreekanth and Anthony

Thanks Sreekanth and Anthony. This indeed answered my question and explains the behaviour of MOH.

This changed in CUCM 9 to

This changed in CUCM 9 to where you can no longer choose to play continuisly or not.  It will always loop for as long as there's one person listening to your stream, and for up to 10 seconds after the last person drops from the stream.

Here is a Documentation defect on the matter which always causes confusion:

This was found on the Cisco TAC Hot Issues RSS feed for CUCM.  You might want to check it out:

I hope that helped.

Anthony Holloway

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