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Unifed Express 4.1 External Directory

The CCME admin guide explains you can use an external telephone directory list as opposed to the local. It doesn't however explain how to create one or programme the phone buttons to use one. The guide does mention using a callmanager diretory,that is not what i am looking to do. I just need to create a file with all the relevant info, but in what format does it need to be? I am sure the info is somewhere, but i have run out of ideas.

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Re: Unifed Express 4.1 External Directory

Hi, creating a file is not enough, you need to create an actual server-side program that interacts with the phones in XML, and interfaces MS AD or whatever you want to use.

If you are Ok with the native CCME directory, you can add up 99 entries to it, with the command "directory entry".

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Unifed Express 4.1 External Directory

I have 2 CCME sites for the same company and each site would like a copy of the other's Directory. They have a wan link between the 2 but each site is running CCMe independantly

rather than keep updating 2 different copies I would like to use a master copy to amke life easier.

When you say a server side program, what is it you are refering to? Sorry, my knowledge on xml and services is not very strong.

So can I use AD for the Dir, if so how?

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Re: Unifed Express 4.1 External Directory


There is no native mechanism to share a single directory among different CME routers.

As mentioned above, either you manually add the wanted entries with the command "directory entry", or use a central service that can interface with AD. This is done according the "phone services SDK" freely available in the "developers central" on CCO.

We have developed such a service that runs under MS and uses AD, if you would consider acquiring it, please contact myself to the address in my profile.

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