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New Member

Unity 4.2 C drive full

Hi our Unity 4.2 server has c and d, two drives. This server is only for Unity. Now I found c drive is almost full, any ideas can delete or move some files from c to d drive?

Thanks Leo


Re: Unity 4.2 C drive full

It depends.  I'll guess that you likely have Platform Overlay 1 or 2 server.  In which case, how you should utilize those drives is laid out reasonably well in the installation guide.  For C: drive, the best thing to do is to start out by looking at what programs you have installed after the fact (i.e., post Unity install) and see which ones you do not need.  You can also use the wizard in Windows to do a disk clean-up and see how much space you clean up by deleting items in Temp and other pre-canned search spaces that Windows checks.  Do those 2 things first and then let's see where you're at.


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New Member

Re: Unity 4.2 C drive full

Thanks, will have a try.

Re: Unity 4.2 C drive full

FYI: There is no magic answer for your question so you're unlikely to find one here.  Unity is a Windows-based application that, in most ways, is simply an application running on Windows - unlike the pre-Linux CCM application where there wasn't much freedom to do anything on the underlying OS and still have support.  For the most part, you don't mess with the /CommServer folder - on your server should be installed on D.  This is the heart and soul of the Unity application.  Otherwise, you just need to be smart and move or delete files with caution.  Apparently my first round of feedback wasn't of much use to you so good luck with it.

Re: Unity 4.2 C drive full

Hi -

Here are my recommendations for helping your Unity disk full condition:

- Remove files that begin with $ - these are Windows service updates and uninstall files.  I typically keep the existing month's security updates on disk but delete all others.

- Run DbWalker first without any checks, and then run it a second time checking the optional - Remove old stream files.  These files are the "abandoned" recorded names and greetings that stay around after subscribers are deleted.  Over time, these can bog down your C drive - typically stored on c:\commserver\stream files directory.

- Check your c:\commserver\UnityMta\Failed folder for messages sent to deleted subscribers or that can occur for other errors.

- SQL log files - you can compress your UnityDb log and ReportDb log files.  If you are comfortable using SQL, change each of these databases from Full to Simple, then compress ONLY the log files, not the database files.  Then change the databases back to Full.

Hope this helps!  Ginger

Re: Unity 4.2 C drive full

Table 2-1     Locations for Files on a Platform Overlay 1 or Overlay 2  Server



Operating system


For systems up to 32 ports: MSDE 2000  program files (The default partition for MSDE 2000 program files is  drive C: and cannot be changed.)


SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000 databases

SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000  transaction logs

Unity Message Repository (UMR)

Program files, including Cisco Unity,  Exchange administration software, and, for systems over 32 ports,  SQL Server 2000

Cisco Unity trace logs

Following the install guide, the only thing that should generally be on C (see above).