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Unity 4.2 Server 2003 and Exchange 2003

I have done quite a few W2K off box message store Voice Messaging only. I am having a heck of time with w2K3. I build my DC and GC on the message store along with Exchange 2K3. When I add the Unity 4.2 box to the domain it adds like it should and of course re-boots because it says it has to.

When it come back up I can not login in to the unity box with any of the Domain accounts. Some mentioned the 4 accouts you build into unity need domain admin rights and local admin rights. I am assuming I add those groups under the AD users and groups on the message store since that is my DC.

Also I am doing digital networking because I have two unity servers and two off box message stores. I was assuming and did some research but it is still a little foggy I think that both Unity need to be in the same domain but if I have two message stores how do I do that. I am pretty sure I need to make one the Master DC and the other a secondary.

If anyone has done this and has some good socumentation please reach out and help a engineer fumbling a litt


Re: Unity 4.2 Server 2003 and Exchange 2003

In the new installtion:you can optionally make the Cisco Unityserver a domain controller/global catalog server (DC/GC) in its own domain. Prior to this change, the only supported configuration was making the server a member server in an existing Windows 2003 domain

Re: Unity 4.2 Server 2003 and Exchange 2003

If you are adding the Unity 2003 server as a member server, or a DC/GC to the domain, make sure you have DNS running correctly. If DNS is not running correctly, logins will fail, Exchange will fail, etc. If you are doing digital networking, both Unity servers need to be in the same domain. Typcially, you have have Global catalog server, etc.

Remember also, if you have WAN seperating the sites and Unity at each, with Exchange, its a good idea to setup Sites and Services for AD. This will help in the replication of AD information and Exchange Routing of messages between the sties.

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