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Unity 4.2 Voicemail Only > Dialing Domains > Duplicate Messages

I had a subscriber in Orlando (Unity 4.2(1) Voicemail Only) send me a message in Jacksonville (Untiy 4.2(1) Voicemail Only) using Unity Networking (Dialing Domains) on Friday 4pm. He sent me one message (7900 press Message, Press 2 Compose New Message, Lookup by Name), however I came into work this morning found my MWI on and 62 copies of the same message in my voicemail.

Anyone else seen this?

This is the second time I?ve gotten multiple copies from another subscriber. He sent the message to myself and another person, that other person also got 62 copies of the same message. The common thread was last time it was sent to three people and all three got multiple copies.


Re: Unity 4.2 Voicemail Only > Dialing Domains > Duplicate Messa

Re: Unity 4.2 Voicemail Only > Dialing Domains > Duplicate Messa

Thank you for your assistance, is there a specific page in this manual that references the problem I described?

Re: Unity 4.2 Voicemail Only > Dialing Domains > Duplicate Messa

The Exchange Server Event log showed the Microsoft Exchagne Routing Engine terminated unexptectedly. Below is TAC note;

Appear that SMTP is loading the msgfilter.dll from Exchange 2003 and causing the process to crash. The msgfilter.dll is part of the IMF so I am trying to understand how it got installed on this Exchange 2000 server.

The dll is currently being loaded as an event sink so it was somehow registered into the metabase. We will need to remove the event sink from the metabase. One way to do this is to use the SMTPReg.vbs script located at:

From a command prompt run the following:

cscript smtpreg.vbs /enum > c:\eventsinks.txt

The memory dump shows that the event is registered as ?MSExchange Content Filter EOD Sink?. Verify this by looking at the eventsinks.txt and searching for ?MSExchange Content Filter EOD Sink?.

Use this ID or the displayname to disable the event sink using smtpreg.vbs.

cscript smtpreg.vbs /disable 1 OnInboundCommand

We could remove the sink entirely but for now disabling it should be enough. Restart the SMTP Service.

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