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Unity 5.0.1 ES 88 failover issue

We have 2 unity servers in a primary/secondary scenerio.  Exchange is 2007 offbox.

Up to a couple of weeks ago all was working fine until the Unity_<servername> account was accidentily deleted from AD (oops by AD Admin)  Once that happened unity was not able to deliver messages.

We reran the MSCW on the primary server, ran the PS1 file to create the Unity_<servername> account again and then Unity began to deliver messages as expected.

All was fine until during a maintenance window I failed over to the secondary server to reboot the primary.  While the secondary server was active I noticed we were not able to deliver messages and we were getting DOH login errors and MALEx errors.

Do I need to run the failover configuraiton wizard in order to tell the secondary server about the new Unity_<servername> account?  It was suggested to me from our partner to run the MSCW on the secondary server but that doesn't seem right to me.  I thought we never run the MSCW on the secondary server.

any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: Unity 5.0.1 ES 88 failover issue

Yes, if that was the account used for the failover.


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Unity 5.0.1 ES 88 failover issue

Thanks that is what I figured.  Thanks for the info.  I will run the FCW and see if that resolves my issue. 

Just out of curiosity is it bad practice to run the MSCW on the secondary server?  Is there a situration which would warrant running this wizard on the secondary server?

thanks in advance,


Hi CJ. Would you by any

Hi CJ. Would you by any chance happen to still have a copy of the ES88 Patch for Unity 5.0.1 lying around somewhere? I could really use it! Need it for one of our Legacy customers. Thanks very much!


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