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Unity 7.0 installation problem


once i start the installation, odd error appear and i can not get out of it

see the attached document for the error

this case was posted here before but no answer was there

any experience in such an error ?



Re: Unity 7.0 installation problem

I haven't seen that specific error but have you checked the following:

1. Ensure you configured the disk partitions in accordance with Unity install guide and compliant with your platform overlay.

2. Designate the install paths in accordance with your platform overlay

3. Check your disk space on the target install path

4. Check the media you are installing from to ensure it is "healthy"

It could be there is an error during the install that is "well known" and I am simply not aware of it. I am sure you will get some decent advice on this thread and/or the duplicate post. But, I would still check the items listed above.

Platform Overlay list:

Where files are installed based on Platform Overlay:




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Unity 7.0 installation problem

Hello William

The server that I am installing on is Dell Power edge 2950. and I have 100 Gig as a free space.

is that the problem ? should I install it on one of the supported Hardware for Unity 7.0 ?

I though once it is windows based, it can be installed on any server with the same specification of the supported MCS server

Waiting from you


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Re: Unity 7.0 installation problem


This doesnt look like a Unsupported platform issue, because in the first step itself Cisco DVDs will verify whether your hardware is supported or not.



Re: Unity 7.0 installation problem

You should still be able to install Unity.  I have installed Unity on any old desktop running Windows 2000/2003 or VM image for testing.  I think the problem is the path length size.   Sometimes the scripts have issues copying from one place to another.

If you can, shorten the install directory name or the install file locations.

For example:

if your install directory is:    Unity 7.0\disc 1\install files\version\.......

shorten it to d:\disc1

Where you install the files, do not edit the directory names.  You should only change the letters from C: or D or E if you choose.  Do not use a different name.  such as D:\commserve  to D:\unityinstall

If you downloaded the files from Cisco, you may have a bad image.  Try and download again.  WHen you unpack the disc, put it in say "Disc1"  etc.

Re: Unity 7.0 installation problem

Yes, the hardware you are trying to use is a problem.  It is not compatible with the Unity software.

[Edit: forget the disk space comment.  I read 100MB not GB originally]

Check this link:



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