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Unity 7 and mixed Domino environment


I have a customer who has got mixed Domino enviroment i.e. Domino 6.5.4 and Domino 8.5.

Is this type of scenario supported with Unity 7? Domino 8.5 requires DUC 1.2.5 which contains client element which is different from previous DUC versions.

Any pointers or information will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Unity 7 and mixed Domino environment

Domino 8.5 requires DUC 1.2.5 and Domino 6.5.4 requires DUC 1.2.4.

Check the URL: System Requirements for Cisco Unity Release 7.x:

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Re: Unity 7 and mixed Domino environment

does that mean that we can have some Domino Servers running DUCS v 1.2.5 and others running DUCS v 1.2.3?

If so then should DUCS 1.2.5 csadmin be installed to replace 1.2.3 csadmin.

The reason i ask is that we are looking to migrate from unity v 4.2 to 7.x main reason is to support notes/domino 8.5. The way i see this happening is that we will install new unity v7 server and partner with our new domino server running domino v8.5, on this domino server we will run DUCS 1.2.5. We will then migrate all users to the new unity server. All other domino servers will run 1.2.3 until we upgrade them to Domino 8.5 then we will upgrade DUCS to 1.2.5.

Can DUCS 1.2.3 co-exist with 1.2.5?

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