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Unity 8.0 installation file

Hi, I want to install unity 8.0 but which file i should run to start the prerequisities wizard, in the prequisites CD no file to run

please help

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Unity 8.0 installation file

Are you following Unity installation Guide? It has step by step directions.

Is there a reason you are going with Unity vs. Unity Connection?  Keep in mind Unity is EOL product.



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Re: Unity 8.0 installation file

I hate unity but this is what the customer ordered

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Unity 8.0 installation file

Hi there,

Verifying Network Prerequisites for the Cisco Unity 8.x Server

With the Cisco Unity server now connected to the network, you can verify network prerequisites, for example, the presence of an Active Directory domain controller and global catalog server.

To Check Network Prerequisites

Step 1 Log on to Windows by using an Active Directory domain account.

Step 2 If Cisco Unity DVD 1, the Cisco Unity Prerequisites DVD, or the Cisco Unity Data Store DVD is located on a network share, and if you have not already authenticated on the other server, do so before you continue. For example, start Windows Explorer, browse to the network share, and, when prompted, enter the username and password for an Active Directory account that has access to that location.

Step 3 If Internet Explorer Enhanced Security is enabled on the Cisco Unity server, add the network share as a local intranet site in Internet Explorer.

Step 4 In the root directory of Cisco Unity DVD 1, double-click Setup.exe.

Step 5 If prompted, double-click the language of your choice to continue the installation.

Step 6 Verify that Network Prerequisites is selected, and click Run Task.

Step 7 Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the verification.



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