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Unity call handler dialed digits debug

I have a certain group of users in one of my offices that are complaining about one of my autoattendants. They are stating that occasionally they call in and cannot dial an extension and have to wait to be transferred to an operator. This user group is the only group complaining about this. I have separate autoattendants configured for each of my 3 offices so each office can have a 'local' operator and be open or closed independently of the other offices. There isn't anything different configured for this AA: translation pattern, CTI route point, call handler - all configured the same as the other offices.

I've attacked this assuming the users know how to push buttons on a phone to dial an extension and are doing so before the transfer to the operator. I've checked over the CDR records and calls seem to be flowing in as they should be. If there was a DTMF relay issue, it would cause problems for all calls, not just a few, right?  I've tried to duplicate the problem without success. The only thing I can come up with is that it might be a problem on the caller's side (noise on line, cell phone compression distortion), but that doesn't satisfy me (nor does it stop the complaints).  I am looking to use the Unity Diagnostic Tool to run a micro trace for a few days to gather detailed data, but I am unsure of which components I should trace.  Should I be looking at Arbiter, Conv PhoneHandler, Phrase Server, or something different?  I really want to see if Unity is receiving the dialed digits for this specific call handler.  Also, please let me know if I am going about this the wrong way.

I am running Unity 7.0(2) and Call Manager

Any help is appreciated.

thank you!


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Re: Unity call handler dialed digits debug

Nevermind.  I will just use the new Port Status Monitor, watch all ports and dump to a log file for a few days.  That should hopefully get me what I am looking for.



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