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Unity Call Handler timezone Unity 5.0(1)

I am faced with the requirement to consolodate Unity servers from five timezones into

one central system.  The user account side of the house is fairly straight forward,

just using GSM to move accounts and bulk edit to set the appropriate timezone

and default language.

Call handler are proving to be a much bigger pain.  I've accepted that there are no

tools to help bulk move my existing handlers and have been recreating them from scratch.

This does encourage me to cleanup/drop the unused handlers and to unify the input trees

for each of the sites Opening Greetings.  This is not fun, but workable.  However while preparing

to build the new handlers I remembered that I could not set a timezone on a handler.

I'd rather not manually maintian alternate schedules with the timezone offset adjusted, but this

appears to me my only choice.  I had thought that the Call Hander might honor the timezone

associated with the owner account, but this does not seem to be the case.

The admin guides gloss over this topic, so I am here to ask how folks deal with call handlers

that need to be timezone aware?


Re: Unity Call Handler timezone Unity 5.0(1)

Actually, there is a bulk migration tool you can use to keep your Call Handlers intact (and other data from each system as

well provided that each is at least version 4.0.5).  The tool is the COBRAS migration tool.  Read up on it here: - link to any of the COBRAS pages and read the help file for all the info you need.  It would be a great asset to you here.

As for how the Call Handlers and Time Zones work - read this thread.  It's old but still valid.


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Re: Unity Call Handler timezone Unity 5.0(1)

Thanks for the tip about the COBRAS tool.  I am actually finding it

better to migrate the handlers manually.  After close to seven years

of tweaks and changes, may are either orphaned or nor valid any longer.

As for the info about call handler timezone support, well I was afraid of that.

It will make it a much larger pain to support, but such it life...


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