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Unity Call Handlers


     I would like to configure a call handler to do Supervise Transfers in Unity 5, does anyone know what the maximum number of calls a call handler can supervise and how the number can be possibly changed?


Re: Unity Call Handlers

The number of calls a Call Handler can supervise isn't related to any particular setting within Unity.  Instead, it is related to the number of ports you have available for Unity to take calls.  A call comes into Unity via a port and may hit a Call Handler that does a supervised transfer.  In this scenario, that port will typically be busy longer than usual.  So, if you only have a few ports (say 16) but expect large volumes of callers that will be directed to this particular call handler, then your chances of having all the ports busy at once is higher than they would be if you had 32, 48, 72 ports and so on.


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Re: Unity Call Handlers

This is what I thought as well, but apparently after 2 calls hit the call handler for a superised transfer, the CH stops forwarding calls and starts send to voicemail - leading me to believe that this is either a setting or a bug.  And, yes, the phones in question have their busy triggers and maximum calls all set to 10.

Re: Unity Call Handlers

Well you do have control over the number of rings to wait for the transfer...after that, the call will forward to VM.

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Re: Unity Call Handlers

Yup, noticed that too.  Apparently, the maximum is 100 secs - something else I'd like to increase.  I may be better off using CCX for this.

Re: Unity Call Handlers

About Call Handler Transfer Settings

Call transfer settings specify how Cisco Unity transfers calls from the automated attendant or a directory handler to subscriber phones. (Note that transfer options do not apply when an outside caller or another subscriber dials a subscriber extension directly.)

When transferring a call to a subscriber extension, Cisco Unity can either release the call to the phone system, or it can supervise the transfer. When Cisco Unity is set to supervise transfers, it can provide call screening and call holding options on indirect calls:

With call screening, Cisco Unity can ask for the name of the caller before connecting to a subscriber. The subscriber can then hear who is calling and, when a phone is shared by more than one subscriber, who the call is for. The subscriber can then accept or refuse the call.

With call holding, when the phone is busy, Cisco Unity can ask callers to hold. Each caller on hold uses a Cisco Unity port and a phone system port, and therefore the total number of callers that can be holding in the queue at any one time is limited by the number of available ports.

The default wait time in the call holding queue for the first caller in the queue is 25 seconds. If the caller is still on hold after this amount of time, Cisco Unity asks whether the caller wants to continue holding, to leave a message, or to try another extension. If the caller does not press 1 to continue holding, press 2 to leave a message, or dial another extension, the caller will be transferred back to the Opening Greeting. Subsequent callers in the holding queue will be told how many other callers are in the queue ahead of them, in addition to these options. (See the "Configuring Call Waiting Hold Time" section on page 15-6 and the "Working With Cisco Unity Music on Hold" section on page 11-5 for more information on call holding.)

If call holding is not selected, callers are sent to the subscriber or handler greeting that is enabled: the busy, standard, closed, or alternate greeting.

Each call handler can have three transfer rules that you can customize: one for standard hours and one for closed hours of the active schedule, and an alternate transfer rule that, when enabled, overrides the standard and closed transfer rules and is in effect at all times.

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Re: Unity Call Handlers

Hi Shi,

Can you paste the full call flow.?

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