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Unity changing time of call

We have (2) CCM 4.2 servers(primary/backup) and (2)Unity 4.2(1) servers (primary/backup) handling 50+ branches in 3 different timezones.

We use TOD routing with CTI RPs to manage the calls for OPEN and CLOSED hours. Depending on the TOD, the call will get transferred over to the correct Unity Call Handler greeting: OPEN or COB. No TOD routing in UNITY. We want CCM to handle all TOD.

This works great on on both CCM and UNITY. The problem occurs during the 1 hour difference of EST vs. CST. When a call comes in from the East coast and the branch is OPEN, but the person is not at their desk, it rolls to VM, the caller has the option to "0" out and go to the main line. When the caller presses "0" it is going back to the CCM with a NEW time on the call which is CST since the server resides in that timezone. So when the call hits CCM, CCM sees it as a call coming in durning COB and send it back to Unity's COB

How can I keep the original time attached to the calls going into VM so that when they leave it is had the correct time on it? I would like to keep all of my TOD routing within CCM if possible so not to complicate things

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Re: Unity changing time of call

PS: The subscribers are in the correct timezone on their profile.

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