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Unity Connection 7 Cluster doubt

Hi to everyone,

We have 3 CCMs ( one Pub and two Subs ) version 4.2(1) , we tried to upgrade to version 7.0(2) but we found a problem with DNS and we have to keep with version 4.

We solve it in our lab making the upgrade without DNS.

But my question is that the client wants a cluster of unity connection 7 and don´t know if DNS is requiered for this cluster ( we may have a problem ).

Best regards,


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Re: Unity Connection 7 Cluster doubt

Hi Alberto,

DNS is optional


Use of DNS name resolution is optional with Cisco Unity Connection, but if available, is recommended for use with Connection. If DNS name resolution is not enabled, IP addresses (not hostnames) should be used for all network devices.

Design Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 7.x

DNS Enable

A DNS server resolves a hostname into an IP address or an IP address into a hostname. If you do not have a DNS server, enter No.

If you have a DNS server, Cisco recommends that you enter Yes to enable DNS.

Note When DNS is not enabled, you should only enter IP addresses (not host names) for all network devices.

Yes, you can change the entry after installation by using the following CLI command:

CLI > set network dns

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Installation Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 7.x


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Re: Unity Connection 7 Cluster doubt


I would ask you this:  What was the problem you found with DNS?  Is your perception that the problem was related to the customer's DNS or the UC application itself?  I would guess that there was a problem with the customer's DNS.  If so, has this issue been resolved?

DNS is not mandatory with either application; however, as Rob mentioned - it is recommended.  If there is a problem with the customer DNS then I'd think that should be resolved regardless of what new applications are coming online.


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