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Unity Connection 7 user sees CUAdmin page


I have an issue where my normal users see the options on the CUAdmin page of unity connection  Is this a bug or have I forgotten to disable something?  I have attached a screenshot of what a normal logged in user sees.  I don't even want them to see the Admin options on the left side of the screen.  when they click it does stat "not authorized" but that is not acceptable IMO.


Re: Unity Connection 7 user sees CUAdmin page

Can you go into the user options and post a screenshot of the user roles assigned to the user you've logged in with?


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Re: Unity Connection 7 user sees CUAdmin page

If they are a normal voicemail user, why do they even know about the admin URL for Unity Connections?

Unfortunately, there really isn't much you can do about this, other than block the users from being able to reach the site. At least they are told they are not authorized.



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Re: Unity Connection 7 user sees CUAdmin page

there is no "role" assigned to this user.  it is a standard default user template. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't missing something simple.  It makes no sense to me that a user with a standard user template can even see the main administration screen.  A user has access to the site because if you type in the http address you get the attached site.  I would prefer that I could block http access without using an access list.

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