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Unity connection 9.1 - Call Handler - remove -' wait while i am tranfering your call''


Hello All ,


i have configured call handler on unity connection 9.1 is playing . i need to remove this prompt because of miss match of  language.


please advice

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Uncheck "Play the "Wait While

Uncheck "Play the "Wait While I Transfer Your Call" Prompt" under the transfer rule of the destination handler/user.





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thanks for your reply Chris.

thanks for your reply Chris.


i have done the same . but no luck

i have uploaded the scrnshot of tranfer rule page .

please advice .





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 Hi Chris , belwo is my

 Hi Chris ,


belwo is my scinario

after welcome greeting -- press 2---route to English menu.

english menu---caller input --- press 2 --- routeto markeeting """ here we have to remove this default unity recording ----- wait while trafer your call """"


Note : transfer from greeting to greeting this recording is not there  but from greeting destination Ext (CUCM-  DN) this recording is being played . which i have to remove

Desired condition : after caller input call shoud directly transfer to the mentioned DN.

if you need any futher info please let me know

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I know this is an old post

I know this is an old post but I found it helpful and I wanted to say thanks! I had been looking in the Call Handler transfer rules to try to disable this message. It was actually on the destination user transfer rule that I had to un-check the "Wait while I transfer your call" prompt. 

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Hi Aslam,+5 to my friend

Hi Aslam,

+5 to my friend Chris here for his good thoughts on this dilemma.


Does the Marketing number you are transfering to have a mailbox? If so, I would try;

Caller Input > 2

User with mailbox > whatever the Marketing mailbox is named

Attempt transfer (not go directly to greetings)


If I use this methed rather than Caller Input 2> Call Action> Transfer to alternate contact number > Marketing number I can get rid of the "wait while I transfer" prompt :)





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