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Unity Connection Direct Transfer to Voicemail for E.164+ Extensions


I have set up CUCM 9.1(2) and Unity Connection 9.1(2) with an E.164+ based dialplan for all users.

I want to set up direct transfers to email using * as a leading digit but this does not seem to work with the E.164 numbers.

I have followed the standard method as described at the link below but am getting no success.

The issue seems to be that the + sign cannot be preceded by * in a valid CUCM dial string and still work.

I cannot use alternate extensions as the functionality is required for Attendant Console which sees the full E.164+ formatted DN from the CUCM directory.

Any ideas how to solve this?


Unity Connection Direct Transfer to Voicemail for E.164+ Extensi

Sorry to bump this but I would really appreciate any feedback on this even if it is that this cannot be done with a E.164+ formatted extensions.


Unity Connection Direct Transfer to Voicemail for E.164+ Extensi

Maybe you could describe what exactly you problem is?

When dialing on the ip phone '+' can only be the first digit.

In CUCM it is possible to define pattern eg '*\+1234'

Unity Connection Direct Transfer to Voicemail for E.164+ Extensi

Thanks for the response and sorry for taking a while to update the thread.

The standard way of setting up direct transfers to voicemail on CUCM is to set up a CTI Route Point with a DN with * or # followed by X wildcards matching the extension length.

For instance for a system that uses 4 digit DNs the CTI RP would be allocated *XXXX as a DN and configured to forward all calls to Unity using a Voicemail Pilot with a mask of XXXX.

This works well and I have done it lots of times.

I have implemented a system with full E.164+ DNs and need to get direct transfer to voicemail works.

For manual users I can use alternate extensions to solve the issue but for CUEAC the full E.164+ number is used as it is the Telephone Number under the user page.

This is where the problem starts. The CUEAC client allows me to enter a single character voicemail prefix but if I use * then I get *+441244521234 as the target number and CUEAC cannot process it (or more likely CUCM cannot process it)

Apologies for bumping this

Apologies for bumping this but just wanted to see if anyone has managed to come up with a solution to this issue yet.


Try this: FIRST get rid of

Try this:


FIRST get rid of the + in the *+XXXXXXXXX pattern (or whatever amount of digits) that your CUEAC user is going to punch in. Use a translation pattern: *+.XXXXXXXXX and discard digits predot and prefix *. 


NOw set up your CTI route point, that will do the forwarding to voicemail  as *XXXXXXXXX  as per normail.  The difference now is that on  the CTI Route Points line configuration you will need to set the voicemail profile.  before your do that create a new voicemail profile with a Mask +44XXXXXXXXXXX  whatever is needed that will mask out the * before sending the call to CUC.


I havent actually labbed this. go and give it a crack, and dont forget to give me full points if this works, seeing you're so keen on a resolution


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Minkdennis,Thank you for your


Thank you for your response. I have tried your suggestion but it does not seem to work.

I do not think that CUCM can process the *+441244521234 called number string used when transferring to voicemail.

The translation pattern you mention can be configured but it seems to treat the + as a wildcard rather than as part of the digit string.

If I use Dialed Number Analyzer to test the *+441244521234 it does not match the translation pattern.

+5 for replying - if you did want to try labbing it I would be interested to see if you get the same result as me.




yeah I see what you;re saying

yeah I see what you;re saying it passes syntax, but when I run it through DNA get an "unallocated" pattern. 

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Can you try: 

Can you try:



    • TranslationPattern :Pattern= *\+.4411223344
      • Partition = IT_VOIP
      • Positional Match List =
      • Calling Party Number = 1000
      • PreTransform Calling Party Number = 1000
      • PreTransform Called Party Number = *+4411223344
      • Calling Party Transformations
      • ConnectedParty Transformations
      • Called Party Transformations
        • Called Party Mask =
        • Discard Digits Instruction = PreDot
        • Prefix = *
        • Called Number = *4411223344
  • Alternate Matches


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James: I got this to work by



I got this to work by using the application dial rule, cueac uses appliation dialing rule from ucm, just add a dial rule that number starts with *+1, total digits of 13, disgard digites two, and prepend *, this will make the dialing string from cueac became *1XXXXXXXXXX, to match the cfw cti route point that you have.


Hope this helps, the translation pattern doesn't parse correctly and I think this is the easiest solution.

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Any follow up on this?  I

Any follow up on this?  I have a deployment where they are using +e164 numbers for their corporate directory and CUAC is showing the +e164 numbers.  I would like to get this working but I'm running into the same issues.  I can get the call to Untiy Connection but I'm getting asked for sign in as soon as it gets there.

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I was able to get this

I was able to get this partially working in CSR 10.5 (i.e UCM 10.5 and Unity Connection 10.5 using SIP integration).

In my environment we needed to support +E164 extensions and support a *<4-digit> transfer to voicemail. How I was able to get this working was I created a translation-rule that was *.4XXX that did a predot prefix #1408555. This then matched my #XXXXXXXXXXXX (12-X's) CTI Route point set with call forward all to Voicemail using my default voicemail profile. Lastly, I applied a Redirecting Party Transformation Search space that had a single partition for a called party transformation of #.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX to preform the predot and prefix +. I am still looking to see what the best approach is to enable direct transfer from CUEAC using the full +E164 number. I think it might just be a combination of app dial rules and the translation rule but i am saving that for another day.

Hi Russell,Thanks for posting

Hi Russell,

Thanks for posting. I will try labbing your solution when I get some spare time.



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Re: Hi Russell,Thanks for posting

Another option that I have working on CUCM 11.5 is...


Support or 4digit direct transfer to voicemail (as described above using CTI route point) as a prerequisite


create a translation pattern as applicable for DN ranges ( i like to be specific)


*\+1987456.30XX example (NANP)

discard PreDot

called party transform mask *XXXX

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