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Unity Connection - Forward to External Number




In Unity Connection 8.2 is there a way to forward a call to an external PSTN number instead of going over to Communications Manager?



Thanks in advance!  All replies rated.

Cisco Employee

Yes, assuming the restriction

Yes, assuming the restriction tables and CSS for the CUC integration allow you to reach the route pattern to dial to the PSTN.



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This is a similiar question

This is a similiar question/issue that I have recently run into.

We use Call Handlers for external calls coming in.  Depending on the caller input, it either goes to an internal extensions (works), another call handler with additonal greetings and prompts (works), or either transfers to an external contact number (doesn't work).

Call flow is:

External # -> SIP router -> CUCM translation pattern -> CUC Call Handler -> (choose variety of prompts) -> Choose option to call external # -> Transfer dialog and MOH plays -> call stays connected but does not ring, call is never received or answered

It looks like the transfer doesn't make it out of CUC, it is integrated with CUCM through SCCP.  But I am a bit stuck as to if it sending the call through CUCM then to SIP, or directly to the SIP router.

Any ideas or troubleshooting steps would be appreciated.  I have attached a screenshot of port monitoring the call.

You could transfer out to an

You could transfer out to an external number from Unity Connection but it would need to follow a standard call flow, which would involve CUCM handling the call routing functionality.  The voicemail ports (or SIP trunk depending on integration type) would need access to the appropriate route patterns as they would be the origination point for the redirect back out from Unity to the PSTN.

New Member

Thanks.  The problem that I

Thanks.  The problem that I am having is that in watching the call flow the call is never leaving Unity.  The Transfer fails and then it hits the VM greeeting.

When you transfer out, you

When you transfer out, you would also need to add in the offnet access code in the transfer pattern.  What is the call flow and setup that you have in CUC?

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PSTN---CUC---AA---Enter Extension.  The calls are not even hitting CM at all, even If I talke the Forward All of so that it should be ringing to the phone

At the risk of seeming a bit

At the risk of seeming a bit dense, let me step through what I think I'm hearing so we are talking on the same page:

1.  You have normal config - PSTN, CUCM, CUC - no other integrations with CUC (i.e. PBX via TIMG/PIMG, etc)

2. PSTN --> CUCM --> CUC AA --> Caller enters an extension --> So, the devil is in the details here.  Is this then a device in CUCM that is Call Forward All to an external destination OR CUC AA --> Caller enters an external number which would flow back out to PSTN?

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The phone is set to Call

The phone is set to Call Forward All.  When I call from another IP phone the CFA works perfectly.  When the calls goes through the AA the calling party caller ID shows up as a port on Unity.  Using Remote Port Monitor shows the Transfer is Failing but the Phone partition is in the CSS that the VM Ports use as well.

Sorry for multi-question but

Sorry for multi-question but it helps:

1.  What is the PSTN connection (TDM or SIP)

2.  The phone that is the transfer destination (in the original transfer), it is also a subscriber extension in Unity Connection?

3.  What is the failure you see in the call leg in the port monitor?

New Member

PSTN=SIPThe phone is also a


The phone is also a subscriber

Port Monitor on says "Event is [Transfer Failed]

Cisco Employee

OK, so, if you tie a caller

OK, so, if you tie a caller input option to attempt transfer to a subscriber, and set the settings for transfer on such subscriber to ring their phone, does that work??

If not, I'd suspect something is wrong with the integration which does not allow you to reach CUCM.



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New Member

i assigned one of the numbers

i assigned one of the numbers for caller input to ring the extension and that works fine.  It also stops working if I do a forward all.  It stops working even if the Forward all is to another IP phone and not the PSTN and dumps right into the greeting

What are the transfer and

What are the transfer and screening settings on the mailbox with that extension? Have you done a trace on the PSTN gateway to see if you see anything at that level on the outbound transfer?   Are you using local route group (LRG) in your dial plan?  If so, what is the LRG assigned to the device pool for CUC?

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