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Unity connection - message issue


Cisco Unity Connection version Single server deployment.

The problem is that the when callers try to leave a message Unity Connection interupts usually after about 30 and plays the prompt 'To send this message press 1, to play your message press 2, add to it press 5.

This occurs for both external/PSTN calls and internal calls and affects all of the users with voice mail boxes on the Unity Connection server. I checked the 'Message Settings' parameter for some of the users and the voicemessageuser template. In all cases this parameter is set to the default value of 300 seconds.

The 'Voice message recordings longer than 30 seconds allowed (LicMaxMsgRecLenIsLicensed)' is set to Yes which according to the following URL should allow the maximum length of voice messages to be determined by the settings in Cisco Unity Connection Administration: uide/7xcucsag310.html

This 'interruption' gives the caller the impression that the maximum length of the message that they can leave is limited 30 seconds. I checked with another Unity Connection server running version 7.0.2 and got the same result so I believe this 30 second interruption is normal behaviour. (Sometimes the interruption occurs between 30 seconds and 1 minute).

How can this 'interruption' be increased to say 3 minutes or longer?

For the 7.1.5 deployement there is a single MGCP gateway (I checked and 'no mgcp timer receive-rtcp' is configured).

The 7.0.2 deplyment also has a single voice gateway. This gateway is running H.323.

I've also got a TAC case open, but not really getting anywhere so I am hoping somebody knows how to change the time for the interruption to kick in!

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Re: Unity connection - message issue

Hi there,

This is not normal behavior for Unity Connection. Can

you please check what is set here;

Maximum Recording Time in Milliseconds field on the System Settings > Advanced > Telephony > Telephony Configuration page.



Re: Unity connection - message issue

Is it safe to assume that the voicemail actually contains 30 seconds of recording, and this is not a one-way audio issue?

I did experience something similiar, but that was a Asterix box dialing into a Unity Connection voicemail and the Asterix was hanging up after 20 seconds.  That was because Unity Connection was suppressing the silent RTP stream back to the Asterix box, which has an RTP time-out setting of 20 seconds. 

Don't know if this problem is related, but when all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Re: Unity connection - message issue

Hi Rob,

The default settings for the Maximum Recording Time in Milliseconds field is 20 minutes (1200000 seconds). I checked this on a Unity Connection 7.0.2 server and a Unity Connection 7.1.5 server (I've attached screen shots).

20 minutes a bit on the high side so I don't know what Cisco were thinking when they made this the default value!

However I changed this parameter to 300000 ms ie 5 minutes then placed 5 test calls (3 different voicemail boxes). The Unity message now interrupts after 1 minute which is definitely an improvement. As before  the time varies:

1 min 15 secs

1 min 33 secs

2 min 08 secs

1 min 51 secs

1 min 42 secs

I don't understand why it varies.

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it as it has saved me a lot of time. I have given you top marks as a token of my appreciation and thanks to the other guy (was it mc hammer?) who responded.

Thanks guys

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