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unity connection migrate messages

Hi we currently migrate from

4.0.5 to 7.1.3

We use cobras to migrate. The probleme is we have a short windows time frame.  The import process with user and voice message take to much time for time we have. We actually start the process and we had to stop during the process because no time left.

I cannot rerun the import tools because it will duplicate all the message that have already been imported.  Does the migrate message tools in ucxn could be an option?  I cannot find if this tool duplcation message or completely erase and rebuild the inbox with all the new message.

If this is not a option I will have to find a bigger windows timeframe and reimage my unity box to start over again?

Or if someone have a better idea?




Re: unity connection migrate messages

For speeding it up, there is no option I am aware of.  It is what it is for migrating into the database.   It also depends on the hardware you are using for Connection.  If its a 7925 or less, its going to be slow.

Your other option is to migrate in phases in a few night windows.  You will need to do some CUCM modifications for VM profiles.   If I have a large group to be migrated, I typically do the following:

- either migrate in phases (200-500 a night) then do support the following day, repeat each night until completed.

- Or setup all new voicemail boxes, then let the users know we will be populating their old voicemail over the next 24-48 hours.

Your other option, which does not sound possible, is to start them with new mailboxes.  Leave the old server up and running for a few months for them to clean out their old voicemails.  Say it is a legal issue for retaining messages, etc.

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