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Unity Connection Restriction for Greetings


i have a customer how wants to restrict the users to record personal greetings in unity connection.

The idea is that they run trough the initial dialog, record the name, but can not use personal greetings.

Only the greeting "... not available" should be available.

I think the only way to change settings for users is the cor part in the administration, but i have´nt found something useful...

Does anyone have an idea for this ?

In my opinion it´s not possible...



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Re: Unity Connection Restriction for Greetings

Hi Steffen,

This is most possible, I just tested it out on one of our

Lab users

Go to > Edit > Greetings > (Standard Greeting) > Callers Hear > System Default Greeting

This setting will play the Default Greeting that the customer desires. This can be changed

on a larger scale via the "Bulk Edit" Utility.



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Re: Unity Connection Restriction for Greetings

Hi Rob,

thanks for your help.

Sorry, but i think i did not explain it correctly:

We need to restrict / deny the user to change the greeting to something else than this system greeting.

I tried your tip and the result is what i need, but when i logon to the TUI, i can change my greeting to whatever i want... and here is the restriction i need ...

Do you understand my dilemma ? ;-)

Kind regards and sorry for my broken english...



Re: Unity Connection Restriction for Greetings

Something you can try...

Create a new class of service, where the maximum greeting length is 1 second.

Then assign that class of service to the user you want to make sure doesn't record a different greeting.

It's not perfect, but it might give you something close to what you are looking for.

Depending on how the error handling works, it will either record 1 second of the person's greeting, which they then have to listen to and accept (or change?) or it will interrupt them while recording.

Worth trying out.

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